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Panta-Pak® Trays

Panta-Pak trays offer perfect separation for fruits, vegetables or even industrial parts. The trays feature molded cups that can be filled with any number of items. When it comes to your freshly picked produce, Panta-Pak trays are the best choice to protect against bruising and maintain the appeal of your bounty. The trays can also be used within industrial settings to separate "good" and "rejected" parts during quality checks.

Product Details

Thermoformed trays made from high strength film, Panta-Pak features molded cup shapes designed to separate and hold items in a secure and aesthetic package.

  • Separation trays with individual compartments 
  • Perfect for agriculture applications.  Extends the life of stone fruits & soft skinned vegetables following harvest 
  • Inside of the cups are smooth to protect surfaces
  • Holds products in place during production or shipping
  • Reusable for some applications
  • Tray colors can compliment operational efficiency or enhance aesthetics of fresh produce
  • Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors
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