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On-demand training for an on-demand world.

Packaging is only as good as how it is used. Now that average employee tenure is less than 2-years in many fulfillment centers, along with the annual influx of seasonal employees, it’s more important than ever to encourage steady behavior among your workforce. Pregis’ innovative behavior reinforcement techniques aid our customers in implementing and delivering a consistent customer experience with every interaction. 

Learn more about our Pregis virtual reality training platform launched in 2018, the first of its kind in protective packaging. 


Pregis trainer is smiling in front of a presentation screen.


  • Standardized or custom “how to pack” posters
  • On-site employee training seminars
  • Pregis hosted classroom educational opportunities
  • Virtual reality training seminars
Pregis training session


  • Less time getting new hires up to speed
  • Less damages as products properly protected
  • Consistent consumer experience

Hands on Training at IQ

At the Pregis Innovation Headquarters (IQ), we provide a space for our clients to experience the entire packaging life-cycle. We understand that packaging now plays an important role to many departments including; engineering, operations, transportation, marketing, and purchasing.

Bring the entire team and learn how the packaging decisions made impact each department and your end customers.

technicians planning conveyance system

What to expect:

At the IQ, you’re team has access to:

  • World class training center
  • Latest packaging materials and systems
  • Warehouse optimization strategies to address labor, ergonomics, and automation
  • Immersive customer experience
  • Parcel shipping environment education and testing
  • Sustainability exercises and education
Team Training Class

Sales Training Workshops

At Pregis we are always innovating, always investing, and always improving. One example of this is our investment in Dimensions of Professional Selling (DPS) training for both our internal team and facilitating for our partners. Pregis is proud to invest in the professional development of our combined teams and elevate our consultative skills to help customers solve their business challenges.

Don’t have a sales training and development program? Not a problem, utilize ours. A DPS Certification is awarded following completion of a comprehensive 3 day course. While in town, you’re also welcome to combine DPS training with hands on training at the IQ.

Interested in becoming a protective packaging expert?  We offer a series of training workshops to elevate your protective packaging game with a combination of classroom education, hands on material & equipment training and pack out exercises to make sure you walk away with the knowledge, tools and confidence needed to come out ahead of the pack in today’s competitive environment.