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Heavy Duty, Commercial and Industrial Bubble Rolls

In addition to being a universal stress reliever, bubble is also a multi-purpose packaging solution that is intuitive for both advanced or novice packers. Bubble is a popular answer to everyday packing needs to protect against breakage by cushioning, protecting surfaces and preventing movement while inside a box. Fun, versatile and easy to use!

Product Details  

Bubble is an air cushioning  material that is lightweight, clean and flexible.  It is a cost-effective and reliable protective packaging option that minimizes damage when packing, shipping or storing goods. 


Primary applications include cushioning and wrapping.

  • See-through material so product identification is instant and easy 
  • Flexible to conform around odd shapes for quick, easy wrapping 
  • Puncture resistance 
  • Available in varying cell heights (1/8" very small, 3/16" small, 5/16" medium and 1/2" large bubble)
  • Available in various roll widths and lengths 
  • Multiple performance grades ranging from heavy duty to light duty
  • Options include anti-static, adhesive, cohesive and recycled content



  • Astro-Bubble® is assigned the How2Recycle plastic wrap label
  • Our product is 100% recyclable via drop off 
  • Learn more about the How2Recycle labeling program 



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