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Pregis Inspyre™ Custom Paper Packaging

  • Customer Experience

    Enhancing your customer experience increases perceived product value, improves brand impression and recall, and it makes consumers more likely to share and recommend your products on social media.

    Unbox with WOW!
  • Omni Channel Fulfillment

    Inspyre Paper is dispensed by the Easypack Quantum on-demand system. Now you can quickly and efficiently pack products with custom branded packaging!

    Improve Throughput
  • Social Responsibility

    A portion of Inspyre product sales is donated to Uzima, a charity that provides clean drinking water to some of the most vulnerable people.

    Inspyre Customers

Are You Making the Most of Your Unboxing Experience?


You’ve carefully curated your brand. Every aspect leading up to purchase – emails, social media, apps, web content – was specifically selected to build a connection with your customer. But too many times after that customer clicks *SUBMIT ORDER* the brand you painstakingly built is absent and your customer receives a generic box and packaging that has no differentiation from your competitors. Ecommerce brands can now continue that connection with their customers all the way to the unboxing experience, with Inspyre Paper. The paper is colored or custom printed tissue paper that will WOW! customers with a differentiated branded unboxing experience they won’t soon forget.

Brand Your Packaging With Inspyre Paper

The only on-demand custom branded tissue paper solution!


Pregis Inspyre™ Paper

  • Custom Branding and Prints
  • Wide Range of Stock Colors - Easily Match Brand Colors
  • 2-Ply Fanfold Bundles, 10” and 20” Widths

EasyPack® Quantum™ On-Demand Paper

  • Dispenses directly into the box with Quantum machine 
  • High throughput, safe, ergonomic, packer friendly!
Inspyre Paper Packaging Customized with Floral Print
Inspyre Paper with Flower Pattern
Customer Experience/ Build Your Brand

Unbox Your Branding Potential

Inspyre™ paper is a void fill solution that allows brands to connect with customers. Our custom branded tissue paper is proven to increase perceived product value, brand impression, brand recall, and the likelihood of recommending products on social media.

Turn Packaging into a Differentiator!

Inspyre paper builds the brand-customer connection that is often lost in e-commerce. Packing with brand colors and custom prints, companies differentiate themselves, increase consumer value, and ultimately increase profitability through brand loyalty and organic recommendations by customers.


Customized Inspyre Paper Packaging in Pink Color
Red Inspyre paper packaging inside box
Green Inspyre paper packaging inside box

Package InSight Customer Experience Study

Package InSight conducted a study to determine the impact custom branded tissue paper had on consumers during the unboxing process. Participants were broken into cells, directed to unbox a product, then answer a questionnaire. Each cell received the same product, one cell unboxed generic packaging and the other had custom branded tissue packaging. The study proved that custom branded tissue paper had a significant impact on price perception, brand impression, and the likelihood of social sharing and recommendation.


Price Perception.png Brand Impression.png Social Sharing.png Recommendation.png





Price Perception Brand Impression Social Sharing Recommend/ Endorse


Brand Your Packaging With Inspyre Paper

Omni-Channel Fulfillment

Inspyre Quantum Omni

Replicating your brand's in-store experience is difficult - visual merchandising, music, smells, customer service are all elements that are hard to translate digitally. As e-commerce has grown through the years, brands have been able to curate their digital presence to match their in-store experience. One element has been missing - branded packaging. 

Inspyre Paper solves both marketing and operational challenges with one solution. Inspyre paper allows marketers to pack their products with custom branded packaging, physically connecting with their customers, strengthening their relationships. And operations can quickly and efficiently pack and ship products with the high-speed Quantum on-demand packaging system. 


  • Consistent brand experience regardless of purchase point
  • Distribution centers can quickly and efficiently fulfill orders with branded packaging
  • Differentiates brands from other e-commerce competitors
Brand Your Packaging With Inspyre Paper
Custom branded tissue paper used for void fill inside box packaging

Pregis launches color-rich tissue paper void-fill portfolio; pairs it with high-speed automation system to create custom void-fill solutions

Pregis, a leading manufacturer of protective packaging, is expanding its customer experience portfolio with Inspyre™ paper.

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