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Cushion-Pak® Paper Packaging

Layers of 100% recycled paper are bound together to provide a sustainable protective cushioning option that is absorbent and resilient. Durable enough for industrial applications yet gentle enough to be used to protect delicate surfaces.

Product Details  

An ideal sustainable option for surface protection and cushioning.

  • Sustainable paper cushioning solution made from multiple layers of 100% recycled paper
  • Breathable material is gentle on delicate surfaces and easily wraps around products
  • Absorbent material perfect for greasy items or liquids
  • Resists puncture of sharp items
  • Made from multiple layers of 100% recycled tissue paper sheets
  • No adhesives - embossed or edge-line technique secures tissue paper together

Available in standard and custom options. Standard roll widths range from 4” to 60”. Standard thicknesses of .25”, .50”. Custom thickness range of 04” to 1”. Pre-cut sheets and custom backings such as kraft or poly also available.

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