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Needs Assessment & Consultation Services

What problem can packaging solve for you?

Packaging can be a tool to excite your customers, motivate future customers, reduce shipping costs, reduce fulfillment costs, and (of course) protect your product. Our team will consult with you to uncover opportunities for improving your packaging department or processes—and ultimately deliver profits to your bottom line.

What We Offer:

  • A field team who works as your personal packaging consultants
  • Packaging design made perfect for many different networks including: ground, air, international, and freight
  • Access to packaging testing services—make sure your packaging is FedEx, UPS, or Amazon ready
  • Specialized sales teams who understand the unique challenges of your industry
  • A network of trusted distributor, fabricator and converter partners ready to serve you 


Technical Services

Always here for you.

Our customers are at the heart of our business and we understand that any amount of down time impacts your business. Our approach to service is two-fold: we proactively monitor your packaging machines through our proprietary PX3 software platform to schedule routine maintenance. And in the event of an immediate need, our field technicians are quickly dispatched to assist you.


  • Proactive monitoring of packaging machines though our proprietary PX3 system
  • Local Pregis field service teams—located near you to maximize uptime
  • Service Hotline for immediate support - 866.904.6979


  • Less downtime due to proactive preventative maintenance
  • Peace of mind that comes from knowing we are always on call
Need Technical Assistance? Get in touch with our experts

Training & Behavior Reinforcement

On-demand training for an on-demand world.

Packaging is only as good as how it is used. Now that average employee tenure is less than 2-years in many fulfillment centers, along with the annual influx of seasonal employees, it’s more important than ever to encourage steady behavior among your workforce. Pregis’ innovative behavior reinforcement techniques aid our customers in implementing and delivering a consistent customer experience with every interaction. Contact us to learn more about our Pregis virtual reality training platform launched in 2018, the first of its kind in protective packaging.


  • Standardized or custom “how to pack” posters
  • On-site employee training seminars
  • Pregis hosted classroom educational opportunities
  • Virtual reality training seminars


  • Less time getting new hires up to speed
  • Less damages as products properly protected
  • Consistent consumer experience


Design & Testing Labs

It’s our version of heaven. Just with packaging.

This is where new packaging ideas are born! Send our team your packaging challenges and we’ll design a solution to meet your requirements. We’ll also test the solution based on the environment your goods or package will be traveling through and support your fulfillment team implementing the solution.


  • Package design based on your unique product and goals
  • Package testing to simulate parcel networks
  • Film testing lab to validate stringent quality and performance requirements
  • Implementation support


  • Peace of mind knowing your packaging will survive parcel networks
  • Packaging cost optimization
  • Less employee packing errors

Custom Integration Services

Custom fit for you.

You’ve got your fulfillment process designed—but what about the packaging? Whether you call us before or after fulfillment design, we can build custom solutions to fit packaging seamlessly into your everyday workflow.


  • Workstation integration and design
  • WMS/OMS integration expertise
  • On-site consultation


  • Ergonomic solutions for your employees
  • Maximize throughput
  • Reduce labor touch points 

Customized Packaging

Amplify your brand power.

We’ve all heard that first impressions count—for online retailers, that starts when your product first arrives on a customer’s doorstep. When you deliver an exceptional unboxing experience, you increase the likelihood of repeat orders, ultimately maximizing customer lifetime value. Wow your customers, and they’re more likely to champion you on their social networks, leading to free advertising and new customers.

The first step is making sure the product arrives damage-free. Next, create an emotional connection with share-worthy packaging. The Pregis Inspyre line, as well as custom branded packaging, will wow your customers with an #awesomeunboxingexperience!


  • Custom printing
  • Brand color match
  • Messaging support to convey your brand story, commitment to sustainability or corporate social responsibility
  • A network of distribution partners to supply custom designed boxes, printed tape and complementary services


  • Support your brand’s unique message
  • “Inspyre” excitement from your customers
  • Project sustainability message


AirSpeed Hybrid Cushioning protects products inside brown box

It’s What’s Inside that Counts: Why the Right Package Protection Is Key to Customer Satisfaction

While the box acts as the outer layer to get any package from point A to point B, it’s really what’s inside that decides the product’s fate. The proper inside the box protective packaging will determine whether it arrives to its destination unscathed or whether it will it be subject to its unpredictable journey.