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Packaging Solutions for
Mail Order Pharmaceuticals

Safety, security, reliability and even privacy are top concerns for customers relying on mail-order prescription services.  As a Pharmaceutical Benefit Manager (PBM), you’re concerned with satisfying the customers’ needs while also maintaining a healthy business.  The need for speed in delivery. Finding and training trusted fulfillment employees. Meeting regulatory requirements. Making the right packaging decisions to fulfill medications safely and securely to the people that rely on you.     

With rising healthcare costs top of mind for everyone, creating operational efficiencies without compromising quality is mission critical.  At Pregis, our goal is to allow you to focus on the patient’s needs while we take care of the packaging and productivity obstacles.  Let us help alleviate your pains.  Get in touch to learn how we can help.   

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PBM Mail Order Case Study

PBM mail order pharmaceutical supplier increased fulfillment productivity from 4,000 packages in a 17 hour workday to same volume produced in just 4.67 hours.

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