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Cohesive Automated Equipment

Drastically reduce labor costs, boost throughput and ship a branded package that impresses! Whether you fulfill and ship 500 or 50,000 packages a day, the right cohesive packaging system will contain and protect your goods while improving productivity and lowering total package costs. Want to achieve 15-35 packages per minute? You can with a fast and versatile cohesive packaging system from Pregis.

Advantages to Cohesive Automation

  • Save: Reduce labor & total package costs
  • Fast: Increase throughput (create up to 2100 pkgs./hr.)  
  • Versatile: Use any type of cohesive material or size
  • Flexible: Package virtually any type of product
  • Efficient: Create “right-size” packages & reduce DIM
  • Secure: Create tamper-evident, protective packages
  • Customized: Automation fit to your operational needs
Sharp Packaging by Pregis/ Cohesive Automation

Cohesive Automation

Automation Built Around Your Needs

Cohesive coated materials are commonly used in automated system applications to create fast and protective packages on demand. This process eliminates the need for hand packing boxes, envelopes, mailers or bags. Simply place your product on the machine and it will encapsulate the product/order with the right amount of material. Once wrapped that package proceeds onto further automation whether weighing, applying a label, sortation or whatever is needed. We have the ability to customize the automated system to fit your need today as well as provide packaging capacity for future growth. Scalable automation options include:

Who can achieve 15-35 packages per minute?

Cohesive Automation has improved product protection and operational efficiency in just about every market. Whether packaging items the size of a business card to encapsulating 15 foot cabinet trim, cohesive packaging is a quick and simple method to contain and ship a variety of goods.Our customers have improved package quality, reduced labor costs and increased overall throughput with cohesive automation, so can you. Below represent just some of the markets or applications we have provided automated packaging solutions for.

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