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Automated Mailing & Bagging Solutions

Looking to optimize your fulfillment and inventory operations? Pregis Automated Mailing & Bagging solutions are here to help you keep your throughput at an all-time high while solving for space, labor and output challenges. The best part? We've got the in-house engineering support and expertise be sure your new solution is up and running in no time.

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A Perfect Pair

The EverTec Automated Mailer was designed to pair perfectly with our Pregis Sharp MaxPro series of bagging equipment.

Pregis Poly Mailers

Show your commitment to sustainability!

How2Recycle®, the consumer-friendly labeling system, has designated Pregis Poly Mailers as Store-Drop Off Recyclable!

How2Recycle logo is shown on a Pregis Sharp Poly Bag.

Predictive Maintenance with Maxwell™


Maxwell™ Intelligent Interface offers a robust user interface that empowers packers with customization options and machine insights. Using advanced diagnostics, Maxwell monitors internal components and will alert technicians to potential wear and tear before a failure occurs to eliminate unscheduled downtime and ensuring your packaging facility keeps up with demand.

Maxwell Intelligent Interface for predictive maintenance


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