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Customized Packaging


Packaged to Delight 

Amplify your brand power.

We’ve all heard that first impressions count—for online retailers, that starts when your product first arrives on a customer’s doorstep. When you deliver an exceptional unboxing experience, you increase the likelihood of repeat orders, ultimately maximizing customer lifetime value. Wow your customers, and they’re more likely to champion you on their social networks, leading to free advertising and new customers.

The first step is making sure the product arrives damage-free. Next, create an emotional connection with share-worthy packaging. The Pregis Inspyre line, as well as custom branded packaging, will wow your customers with an #awesomeunboxingexperience! 

Let Pregis design packaging that is unique as your brand – custom colors, materials, and printing to ensure you leave a lasting impression.

A person happily receives a parcel protected by Pregis' thin customized packaging.


  • Custom printing
  • Brand color match
  • Messaging support to convey your brand story, commitment to sustainability or corporate social responsibility
  • A network of distribution partners to supply custom designed boxes, printed tape and complementary services
A person is happily opening a white cardboard box package with HC Inspyre blue protective packaging.


  • Support your brand’s unique message
  • “Inspyre” excitement from your customers
  • Project sustainability message

Social responsibility and charitable giving isn’t just something important to Pregis core values, it’s also good business as consumers are more likely to purchase from businesses whose missions are aligned with their own.

Have a cause that’s important to you or your business? Need a platform to build awareness and educate your customers? We can help.

Our “Inspyred” packaging line is a way to call attention to a cause, as well as contribute a percentage of purchase, towards a worthy cause. One example is our water-blue AirSpeed HC Inspyre packaging where we’ve partnered with UZima, a non-profit that supplies life-changing water filters to communities that lack access to clean water. Pregis is donating a portion of sales for this product to UZima. 

Pregis’ broad offering gives brand owners the power to create an unforgettable connection with their customers during the unboxing experience. This includes a full range of customizable colors, allowing companies to carefully cultivate the look and feel of their packaging to reflect their brand and deliver a “wow factor” to customers.  Not sure where to start? Not a problem. Our combined team of marketers and packaging engineers are here to help design your package to deliver joy.

Customer Lifetime Value/ Secret Ratio

CLV and the Secret Ratio

Did you know that to offset a single 1-star rating a product or business needs 40 4-star reviews? Minimizing product damages and upset customers are crucial to keeping a high rating that will increase customer lifetime value and profits.


Customer Lifetime Value Analysis

How are you building brand awareness in the ecommerce channel? In addition to investing in digital marketing, getting the physical packaging right is a key to maximizing brand recall and customer lifetime value.

As more and more product categories are now being shipped instead of purchased in store, the unboxing experience is growing in importance. This euphoric buyer’s high which used to occur at a register, now takes place in the consumers home. Through our extensive research with top universities, we know the impact different packaging can have on emotions, perception of product value, and reorder rates.

Is the marketing team now interested in the packaging decisions your company makes? Or are you wondering about how your packaging influences future sales? If so, let us help!  Check out our Knowledge Hub or reach out for a free consultation – we even have an app to help you quantify the financial impact for your business.



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