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Product Warranty Information


Pregis manufactures a variety of products and strives to supply the highest quality using best-in-class manufacturing practices. In the event one of our products does not meet manufacturing specifications, a limited warranty will be available. Please review the product warranties below.


Inside the Box Solutions

Engineered Foam 6-month warranty
Polyethylene Sheet Foam        6-month warranty
Bubble Products      3-month warranty
Systems Paper  3-month warranty
System Films  6-month warranty
FIP Chemical  6-month warranty



Mailing & Bagging Solutions

Poly Bags/ Mailers                   
6-month warranty
Paper Mailers        3-month warranty



Specialty Applications

Cold Chain Bag  3-month warranty
Agriculture & Industrial Trays  3-month warranty


Note: Any laminated product has a 3-month warranty.


Customer Return Requests


Quality Returns

Warranties are based on order ship date. If a quality complaint exceeds approved warranty time, claims will be denied. To start a warranty claim, please contact your customer service representative. Customers must supply PO#, Pregis Order#, a picture of the label and description of the defect. Samples of the quality defect may be requested to help understand the issue.

If the warranty claim is approved and product is being returned, your customer service representative will supply an RMA# with shipping instructions, and Pregis will cover freight cost. Credits should be completed within 30-45 days.


Stock Returns

Customers interested in returning product that has no material defect may do so if approved. A restock fee of 25% will be applied. All returns exceeding 180 days from the time of shipment will not be approved. Returns for custom products which cannot be resold to other Pregis customers will not be approved. The customer is responsible for freight to return product to an approved Pregis warehouse. Product will be inspected and if it is approved, a credit will be completed within 30-45 days.


Shipping Discrepancy Returns

Any return claims regarding product and/or quantity received differing from the shipping packing list must be made within 30 days of receipt with a signed POD. All claims made after 30 days of receipt will be rejected as invalid. If your claim is approved and product is being returned, Pregis will provide an RMA # and cover freight. Approved credits should be completed with 30-45 days.