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Recycling Insulated Packaging


Recycling Your Insulated Bubble Packaging

Thank you for working with us to give new life to your insulated packaging. In 2021, Pregis partnered with Trex®, one of the largest US wood-alternative composite decking manufacturers and one of the largest plastic film recyclers. Trex redirects more than 400 million pounds of plastic from landfills each year into their products, and Pregis is proud to collaborate with them.

The packaging you have is store-drop off recyclable through the Trex’s NexTrex® recycling program.

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What is the NexTrex® Program?
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Why is it important to recycle?
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Find Out How to Recycle Your Insulated Pouch

  • Reuse the pouch to keep items cool while purchasing at your local farmer's market or store – such as food or flowers.
  • Reuse the pouch to ship something – simply fold the top down and use packing tape to seal it securely, or use it as cushioning inside your box.
  • Use your pouch for extra protection when packing items during moving or storing. You can also cut the pouch at the seams and use it between plates, picture frames, etc.
  • Donate the pouch to someone who sells items online on Etsy, eBay, or other resale sites.
  • Use the larger pouches as liners for small trash cans around the house.
  • Cut the pouch along the seams and use it as a placemat for craft projects.
  • Use the pouch for crafting with kids – cut the pouch into shapes and use the bubble side to dip into paint and make fun bubble art, or glue the shapes onto paper to make metallic artwork.
  • Use the pouch as a gift bag for added sparkle – use it in its form, or cut it to form different shapes – such as a tall thin sack for wrapping a bottle of wine.
Flowers packed inside insulated packaging.

Inspired to do more?

Find other ways to help your community recycle.

Explore NexTrex’s recycling challenge program designed for schools.  

The school challenge is where schools compete to recycle the most film.  The schools are grouped based on region and enrollment.  In addition to providing the students an understanding and motivation for plastic film recycling, Trex will donate a bench made of recycled materials to the winning school in each group.  Something they can be proud of and use for future generations.

Watch the video to the right and learn more and see how you can start the initiative in your local school.