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Experts in Bagging and Cohesive Automation

Sharp bagging systems offer groundbreaking, flexible packaging solutions with the same high-quality and care that Pregis customers have come to expect. Our durable and customizable machines are designed to withstand and adapt to every challenge in the shipping landscape.

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Max-Pro 24 Bagging Machine


The new MAX-PRO 24 Bagger can accommodate bags up to 36" long and 24" wide. With a 12" pass-through this system can take larger products - up to 10lbs! Check out the technology innovations like HMI adjustable pass-through and remote reporting.

Sharp Packaging/ By Pregis

Flexible Packaging Solutions

Increase output and decrease DIM weight with Sharp poly bagging machines.

Automated Bagging Systems

Lower DIM weight and faster packing are just a few of the benefits of our consumables. Fully customizable to any budgets and brand guidelines, Sharp Polybags are made to deliver ‘wows,’ and save on materials. Labels even print right on the bags.

See the Sharp Difference

Need variable sizing or increased protection? Check out all of the automated cold seal solutions offered by Sharp Packaging by Pregis.

Cohesive Automation Solutions

The Sharp Difference

Use Sharp Packaging's solutions to increase productivity, throughput and efficiency and lower freight costs through DIM weight reduction, decrease reliance on labor and reduce material and maintenance costs.

Our Process

  • Conduct an on-site evaluation to survey current packaging processes. 
  • Identify ways to reduce costs and increase throughput.
  • Finally, we'll present options to reduce costs and streamline your operations.
    • Inline bag and machine systems
    • Integrated imprinter reduces steps
    • Add inline mailer for further efficiencies 

Our Machines

Our Max and SX bagging machines and cold seal systems are ideal for packaging almost any product, quickly and accurately. From small, single machine operations to global companies with manufacturing plants across the world, any industry benefits from our flexible packaging solutions with reduced costs and improved productivity.

Our Bags

Custom made E-Z Bags® are Sharp's most popular bags and are available in both plain and printed styles. They are compatible with our patented, packaging systems and with other brands of bagging equipment. Our E-Z mailer bag has become a staple in the industry. The thermal transfer ribbon is used to automatically address the mailer bags right inline, saving time and reducing costs. We also manufacture award winning stretch sleeves that are printed and fit snugly over bottles up to 2½ gallons in size.  Want to make your brand pop? Click to learn more about custom prints and artwork specifications.

Poly Bags with How2Recycle Labels!

How2Recycle, the consumer-friendly labeling system has designated Sharp poly bags as recyclable at store drop off locations! Show your customers you're environmentally conscious by using Sharp poly bags for your packaging needs.

Sharp Mailer Bags-H2R-blowup.jpg

Predictive Maintenance with Maxwell™


Maxwell™ Intelligent Interface offers a robust user interface that empowers packers with customization options and machine insights. Using advanced diagnostics, Maxwell monitors internal components and will alert technicians to potential wear and tear before a failure occurs to eliminate unscheduled downtime and ensuring your packaging facility keeps up with demand.

Maxwell Intelligent Interface for predictive maintenance

Fully Automated Integrations

Sharp integrates into any packaging environment

Sharp bagging machines are designed and built with off the shelf parts and standard Allen-Bradley PLC to easily integrate with infeeds, conveyors or robotics for a fully automated packaging environment.

  • Save time and money
  • Increase throughput
  • Relieve labor constraints



Experts in/ Poly Bagging and Cohesive Solutions
sharp packaging custom poly mailers

Replace the Box

Reduce shipping costs with a full range of poly bagging and cohesive packaging solutions.


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Beyond the Box: How Alternative Packaging Helps Retailers and Distributors Save Time and Money

The old expression, “If all you have is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail,” has a corollary in the world of warehouses and distribution centers: If all that’s considered to package your products is a box, then every order looks like it requires just that.

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